What faith means to me, most of all

As in many other Communion bodies, one of the confusions and contentions, even here in Canada is the need for weekly Eucharist service. If the question is about the layout and presbyteries role that is well set out in Rubics and Canonical laws, by each body. I feel your comments are more about the actual substance and form of where a wine and body are used, whether it is subject to some limitation. I know of no definite convention to exact what would be out of bounds. I have shared Communion worship under even battle field situation. We all are Anglican in my view by a reason to attend a service, casual or formal, to read scripture in any portion which can be the heart of discussion, dialogue of some part, and share a peace of grace, so that a tradition of worship is best received by the persons two or more in present. I think we as a church catholic are making far too much about what, where and when. Our coming of the belief can never be so simple yet vital in how to be in faith, care for each other, and forgive us when we miss a step that allows us to like Christ, with Christ and salvation of a One Bread, Body and spirit of grace, mercy and thanks for what Christ taught us as the Great Commandment.


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