I was sitting have a discussion about the story of Noah in scripture. I once heard the thought that the intentions of God was to act like a tooth under the dental treatment. The role of the flood was to remove heavy decay of manhood, while preserving the rest of the teeth and gums from the problem of one region, not the whole earth. I was challenged by this view, because if you read the bible the earth is a void of vast regions.

Well, here might come the best argument from many corners of  religion due to the knowledge of the scriptures gives us a near view like a dental chair to the patient, which only cared for the immediate mouth which could be viewed as Gomorrah. The wrath of floods were to purification not removal of the whole earth, because like a volcano or earthquake which creates tidal events the water has purposes.

How can the normal faith view this concept in the whole of teachings from scripture? That is a part where we as a community need to reflect  the words  in careful gathering to allow us a reason to share the role of liturgy around the coffee table with the same benefit as near the communion rails of a sanctuary. I know that you the readers will have ideas to share.


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