I have recently finished reading a book on the new church design, which outlines a few ideas that I have commented on in some way over the previous blog entries. I was driving home with Mary Jane who is now going to be made note of here, more often. I read the book as I sat with a beer doing self church pub. I was asked by a few guests what I was so intently reading. I replied Emerging Church and a few odd stares were the common response.

The author was presenting a concept of how he saw the changing faith patterns of modern day public as being divided onto several camps of belief. Many are more viewing  all forms of worship and institutional religion with scepticism  and distrust or are in these religions because of family tension or history which will not allow them to discern or consider their own sense of  how to accept or respond to religious expression.

I have tried to grasp this prior to  my theological education experience and even today have felt my role and desire to assist and guide others into the present dialogue as a struggle of wills and ideas that often left me feeling doubtful as to why do I bother at all. There is only a one way reply that can fit into that intention. If anyone is seeking to find faith for themselves they are more then likely going to search where conventional religion is visually recognized. Like the ancient priest of 1st Century expression saw Jesus as a religious upstart and pretender they discount of push those of us with religious discernment into the general population since only by being part of the established church institute can you be fully embraced and understood. Firstly the Disciples and Apostles of post Christ ascension felt they were left with all the parts of how to develop faith in action, yet what was it suppose to look like and how could they describe it to a population who were either Jewish, Muslim, Gentile and had only conventional belief to that point to serve as a model.

Paul and many of the Disciples had no bible to guide them as a manual of instructions and or books of common worship to advise them on faith and how to be a first “Christian”. To follow Jesus, a recently new Emerging Faith leader meant to do what, when, and how? Share Scripture, practice traditions or share reasons were to these men and women of Nazarene’s, was presumably a same way I often feel. Guided by my own sense of what I now wish to be a calling to Spiritual Mission Ministry, where I am called to use my wits, humour and common appeal to suggest and offer hope and assurance is a challenge of my own trust in God’s will and Jesus Christ, by the gift of the Holy Spirits daily thoughts as I read alone or with others the devotions, of online programs like Daily Office or Common Prayer, do I better understand and appreciate the purpose of doing all I achieve as a person with a sense of mission ministry that provides all I come in contact with as a role of leading those who share the life of faith in practice.

If you are interested in the author I read on this topic send me a email and I will give you the details. If you want to see how to start a devotional plan, and need more courage to do so, you can look that up here or email me also for ideas.

As for me and Mary Jane we will be revealing more about our journey in life to you the readers here shortly. Remember to share the gift of care, do not fear your own faith stories and accounts, and hope you all will give a little to Christmas for those who need your attention by what you do for others and yourself in creation of faith expressions.

Tell me if you have a great story of random acts of belief that made you feel good about who you are, by emails to


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