CELTICCENTURION A food service for shut-in individuals



The community of those who are impaired by medical conditions and  limitation of access to small meals of six ounces that provides fresh produce or fruit  at least once every week is a understood benefit. The secondary component is a frequent short visit to continue monitor of health as a measure of emotional and spiritual welfare. With a drop off food made fresh from, a team of well-trained staff that provides this service it is possible to determine if these individuals or couples are receiving adequate fresh fruits and vegetables in weekly nutrition plans.

Community Focus

It is a concern as people develop and circumstance of meal planning that many individuals are not making up a small snack meal that encourages at least some fruit or fresh food in a diet plan defendant upon prepared meal plans, from traditional sources in a recovery from surgery where mobility is restricted for standing in the kitchen. This does not limit the use of this focus to any age group, however encourages Rough Edge to develop and sustain a periodic continued relation to the community focus and advise medical or spiritual teams of any factors follow through by that aspect.

Service Products

A small 100 g to 150 g container of food sourced for ease of use and digestion is too prepared in a small central kitchen area, which will be stored in transit in portable coolers. All products to be distribution in approved transit by weekly assigned Rough Edge staff, to a screened and reception group from both church groups, and advertised in local media and other community centers throughout Victoria Region.

Resources &Staff Requirements

Within this business plan overall is the option of three or more potential presentation points for the overall design concept of CELTICCENTURION. The kitchen space is sufficient for a team of 4-6 qualified and properly screened food safe individuals who are selected and available to work under supervision of the firm Board guidance.

Each are  discussion points for what would be the best consideration of time to plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate each as a separate method of achievement based upon the best intent of provision  of Community Focus.

Kitchen Central rental space and equipment at a rate of 150.00 per month, with food preparation capable for all intentional food requirements purpose to sustain 150 meals per week as necessary, for duration of yearly compliance of this endeavor.

Procure a portable prefabricated structure of 12 ft. by 12 ft. footprint, use within a contract rental space with use for utilities, which would be cost average on a yearly expense of 2000.00 up front. Procure a similar wheeled trailer  alternate to the second option, with assets lockable and able to relocate as a field capable entity.

Budgets and Setup Expenses

The  budget and cost factors of Rough Edge is to be as reasonable to provide low cost food services not to be prohibited to all income persons of a expense of $3.00 per  week/persons served.  Should the household have no income to support the cost; the program will seek compensation from medical and income sources so to not inhibit anyone from being elimination of food to provide nutritional support.


It is with sincere concern that once the program is commenced that all valued efforts are to be for the use of individuals to assure no parties and staff are left overworked and that all reasonable time for personal care, attention and needs are provided. The clear expectation is to assure the board and staffs will emphasis a will to give the best practice for safe, healthy and business conduct.


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