Last few days a  number of ideas about feeding and provision of service to a wider section of the community has been a focus. I had a feeling in the back of my mind that something was moving me forward. I met with a few people because they were knowledge of care for elderly and affirmed people with little support for a fresh meal supplement like a salad and fresh fruits.

Early this morning the word Roughage like the spelling of ROUGH EDGE which would be a knife that cuts food like lettuce and apples are a symbolic idea. Search the internet for other details and finding a limited use of the words, well who knows. What was keen to my hopes is how to use these thoughts effectively.

Would a program of preparing small portion two part meals using a healthy diet source foods from suppliers to be sent to people shut in or limited  movement after surgery be of value to a community. One of the easiest problems these couples and single people would appreciate is a frequent easy to consume fresh portion packed salad and bread to assist digestion which is roughage.

I am looking for input and considerations for a business plan to present to local charities and community groups for acceptance if a location and market of no more than 30 people per week is accessible to this incentive. I have found a few components that could be drawn together once more is developed to establish this for a long term purpose with adequate staff and resources.


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